Permascand appoints Nicolas Laroche as Global Business Development Manager – Hydrogen

Permascand appoints Nicolas Laroche as Global Business Development Manager – Hydrogen

Permascand is strengthening its hydrogen business by appointing a Global Business Development Manager to the Green Hydrogen sector. Nicolas Laroche, with extensive experience in electrochemical technologies, business growth and renewable energy sector, will lead the growth of this emerging sector.

Nicolas Laroche is an electrochemical engineer and has followed the hydrogen sector for more than 10 years. As co-inventor of an electrochemical process, he managed an innovation portfolio and team with a successful technology demonstration at scale. Nicolas was involved in business growth and intelligence, engineering phases, demonstration plant operation strategy and technology transfer from concept to industrial scale plant engineering.

Permascand announced earlier this year its plan to invest around SEK 300 million over the next three years for the implementation of a full-scaled technology center. Global demand for green hydrogen is growing exponentially, driven by the necessity to decarbonize our society through renewable energy. Green hydrogen will play a significant role in the energy system of the future in energy storage, as industry feedstock, in grid balancing, and as fuel for vehicles. Today’s production technology needs to be developed and streamlined in order for green hydrogen to become a competitive and meaningful energy carrier, as well as to meet the high expectations in the industry and the transportation sector.

”I am proud to join the experienced team of Permascand in this journey toward the growth of our company in response to the demand for green hydrogen. Building on 50 years of experience and reputation, Permascand has the foundations to succeed, and the agility to grow. This is a marathon however, which requires strategic investments and partnerships, and a strong vision and capacity of innovation to scale our capacity to produce the best products for our clients.said Nicolas Laroche, Global Business Development Manager – Hydrogen at Permascand.

Strengthening of the Board of Directors at Permascand

Strengthening of the Board of Directors at Permascand

Pernilla Lundin (left) & Marie Grönborg (right)
Permascand is proud to announce the following additions to our Board of Directors.
Pernilla Lundin joined the Board as a Directors earlier this year. Pernilla is a Branding consultant and serves on the Boards of Länsforsäkringar Gävleborg, Komson AB and Facilitate Partner AB. She was previously CEO of Donald Davies & Partners AB and has further back spent 10 years in various roles at Sandvik, last role as Director Marketing and Communications at Sandvik Coromant. Pernilla holds a degree in Financial Engineering from Gävle Colllege. Marie Grönborg joined the Board of Directors on June 29, 2020. Marie is currently CEO of Purac AB and serves on the Board of SSAB AB. In the past she held the position of Executive VP-BA Specialties & Solutions and Executive VP – Innovation at Perstorp Holding AB and President & Director at Perstorp Formox AB. Marie holds a MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering from Chalmers School of Technology and Imperial College, London.
Our Technology Helps Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

Our Technology Helps Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

With the current pandemic, large amounts of disinfectants are needed to prevent the spread of the virus. Permascand’s technology can be very helpful in facilitating this.

“By using our technology, we can produce mobile equipment for the production of a chlorine solution to be used for surface disinfection,” says Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Permascand’s R&D department began work on modifying existing water purification technology. The electrochemical cells that normally purify a vessel’s ballast water can now also be used to produce disinfectants.

The cells are mobile, and this means that, for example, hospitals and other health care facilities, along with transport hubs, can produce the amount of disinfectant they need on site.

“We are currently looking into the possibility to offer a test equipment to Sundsvall Hospital, which is the hospital closest to our head office in Sweden,” says Lars Nyman, Sales Director for Permascand’s Department of Water Treatment Systems.

The new application area for Permascand’s technology has been highlighted by the Västernorrland County Governor, who has classifed the company as socially beneficial through a Letter of Consideration.

“As a company, we feel a great responsibility to contribute to this global crisis, which will affect us for a long time to come. Since our production at 95 percent goes to export, we have developed logistics solutions to get our technology out to the world,” explains Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand.

Permascand will immediately donate 350 liters of hand sanitizer and a large number of face masks to Sundsvall’s hospital and the municipality of Ånge.

“We have excess hand sanitizer and the face masks have been sent to us through a business partner in China,” explains Viktoria Lindstrand, Global Marketing Director. “It feels good that we can somehow contribute to a situation that affects us all.”

Message from PERMASCAND

Message from PERMASCAND

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting communities and families around the world, Permascand is taking this opportunity to reassure any concerns regarding our business continuity.

As our priority remains SAFETY FIRST, we have taken measures to safeguard the situation at the same time as we continue to do business during this time of uncertainty. We are committed to support you and your business as you adjust to these challenging and changing circumstances.
Currently our deliveries are not affected.

As precaution PERMASCAND has taken the following actions:
  • All business travel has been canceled
  • No visitors are allowed at our site and to our sales offices
  • Extended cleaning at the site/offices is introduced
  • Our logistic department has implemented new routines to handle incoming goods in a safe way
  • We all follow the advices from our public health department

We will continue to closely monitor the situation.

Stay healthy
Permascand Management

Permascand’s know-how is part of the green transition

Permascand’s know-how is part of the green transition

Permascand’s business in the field of water purification technology continues to grow. In September 2019, Permascand proudly won the largest order in its history, valued at more than 223 million SEK (Swedish Kronor).

“It’s great fun that our investments are so timely,” says Peter Lundström, CEO. “Especially as the purpose of ballast water purification has a clear environmental focus by preventing organisms from spreading from their natural propagation areas and therefore threatening the biodiversity of the oceans.

“We see this as an important step on the road towards the green change that the world is embracing. Permascand’s vision is to become the number one global independent provider of electrochemical solutions for green technologies.”

In line with that, Permascand’s electrowinning technology is one of the foundations for efficient copper and nickel extraction, a method that reduces our customers’ energy consumption by 10%. Additionally, the company has recently launched a new brand, Norscand®, an electrochemical cell used in the extraction of lithium – an important component of batteries for electric cars, amongst other things. As pioneers of DSA technology, Permascand has also enabled customers to replace lead and graphite with titanium anodes.

“We calculated how much of the world’s energy consumption has decreased thanks to our electrochemical coatings,” explains Peter Lundström. “Since 1971, it corresponds to Sweden’s total electricity consumption for one year.”

At the end of September, Permascand also passed its previous year’s sales record with a total of 323 million SEK in sales.

“We have prepared for large volumes of production and continue to grow by 50% annually,” explains Peter Lundström. “Now we are approaching a turnover of half a billion.”

In the production units in Ljungaverk, large investments have been made based on modern technology and functionality. Continued development of the business involves, among other things, competence development, optimization of processes to reduce emissions and material consumption.

“For every day that we bill, we now set sales records,” says Peter Lundström.

Success at our Open House event

Success at our Open House event

Our open house event in May was well attended. Over 200 curious residents came to our guided tours around the Permascand site.

We talked about our development and the focus on Water treatment systems. We also showed the latest investment in an automated robot welder for Spotwelding. Our lab was also a much appreciated visit.

“Imagine that there is such a worldwide high-tech and qualified company in Ljungaverk” was one of the comments. During the day we also offered coffee and activities for the children.

Watch a movie from the event.