Excellence in electrochemical solutions

Permascand has supplied electrodes with catalytic coatings to the electrochemical industry for more than 50 years. A remarkable journey pioneering advancements in electrochemistry. We offer catalytic coating, manufacturing, and aftermarket services for a variety of electrochemical processes.
Permascand has a wide range of engineering and manufacturing offers based on our Core Product Platform that spans catalytic coatings, electrodes, and electrochemical cells to coating and aftermarket services.

Today, we work with all major global actors in this market and serve customers all over the world through our international network of qualified workshop partners.

Vision: The leading independent global supplier of key components for electrochemical applications to support the green transition.

Product portfolio,
key components in
industrial processes

Product portfolio, key components
in industrial processes

Our mission is to deliver innovative, competitive, engineering and manufacturing solutions for Electrification & RenewablesIndustrial Solutions and Water Treatment markets.


Enabler of a more sustainable future

Electrochemical solutions are a vital part of the solution for the global green transition and the production and storage of renewable energy.


Innovative solutions for lower environmental impact

We are committed to develop and manufacture electrochemical solutions for industries with energy-intensive processes to increase the production efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.


Water is life – let’s take care of it together

Our awarded electrochlorination water dis­infection ­is environmentally friendly, enables low energy consumption and high-efficiency water treatment for multiple applications.

Vision and mission

Permascand is a business partner that creates value by offering product & services based on extensive experience of electrochemistry and materials processing.

Our vision is to be the leading independent global supplier of key components for electrochemical applications to support the green transition.

The vision is composed of three core values and these are:

  • To create value through continuous improvements to our value chain.
  • To be responsible and dedicated in our relationships with all stakeholders.
  • To maintain the highest levels of professionalism in all that we do, such as development of innovative solutions and more.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, competitive products and services by offering superior support and manufacturing capabilities to our partners.

Permascand Core Product Platform
Permascand’s Core Product Platform illustrates how we utilize our world-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities to serve customers’ needs.

Permascand key figures

(SEK m) Sales 2021


m³ water purified in our systems per hour 2020

Forward mission with green focus

The Company is a Swedish public limited liability company. Permascand’s corporate governance is mainly based on Swedish law, primarily the Swedish Companies Act, the articles of association and internal rules, including policies and instructions. In connection with the admission to trading of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, the Company will also apply, inter alia, the Rule book for Issuers and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). Permascand does not intend to deviate from any of the rules of the Code.
For Permascand, it’s about consciously focusing on internal sustainability work, as well as providing electrochemical solutions for green technology around the world.
It’s important for us to develop long-term and sustainable thinking together with our customers and social governance model. Permascands forward mission is to be no:1 global independent provider of electrochemical solutions for Green technology.

Peter Lundström

Here are some examples:

For our customers:
  • Thanks to our electrochemical solutions, our customers can reduce their energy consumption and create healthier working environments for their employees.
  • Our products contribute to high-efficiency extraction of metals for batteries – an important part of the transition to fossil-free by, for example, electric cars and vehicles.
  • Our Ballast Water Treatment products are a piece in the puzzle in the effort to ensure and improve the environment in the world’s ocean.
For us internally:
  • Our energy consumption per million SEK revenue has decreased by 32% from 2016 down to 34MWH/MSEK
  • Our waste streams per million SEK revenue has decreased by 31% from 2016 down to 288KG/MSEK
  • Our short-term absenteeism rate among our employees has improved by 44% from 2016 down to 3.4%

We are dedicated to the green transition.
Let’s find out what we can achieve together.

Experience spanning five decades

Permascand offers customers more than 50 years’ experience of advanced, innovative electrodes and electrochemical solutions.
Ever since the company was founded as a joint venture in 1971 – when we manufactured dimensionally stable anodes for the Scandinavian electrochemical industry – we have built our business on technological excellence and in-depth know-how.

We continue to be at the forefront of the industry, shaping change, and working closely with customers and suppliers from all over the world. Today, our systems are in operation at offshore, process, and marine applications in some of the most challenging environments on Earth.


50 years of developing electrochemistry

Here is our story – and our future.

2018 - New business record


2018 - Grand opening

Grand opening for, a new assembly line, state – of-the-art workshop – a major investment to provide the maritime industry with efficient systems for the treatment of ballast water.

2016 - Divestment of Welding workshop

2015 - Norvestor acquires Permascand


2013 - Water treatment business (re)initiated.

2012 - Permascand divested from AkzoNobel through MBO.

2007 - Process for desinfection of Ballast Water sold to Veolia.

2001 - All assets/businesses outside Ljungaverk divested.

1993 - AkzoNobel (KemaNord) assumes full ownership of Permascand.

1993 - Manufacturing of chloralkali cells to Uhde – Laser machining business growing.

1980 - Manufacturing of industrial process equipment in Titanium


Permascand founded as a 50:50 JV (PERMELEC S.p.A./KemaNord). Manufacturing of DSA TM Dimensionally Stable anodes) for Scandinavian electrochemical industry.

Permascand has been in service of the electrochemical industry for over half a century. Let’s continue to drive innovation together and shape the electrochemical industry for years to come.

Pioneering innovation and dimensionally stable electrodes in Sweden

In the picturesque country of Sweden, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, an extraordinary story of industrial innovation and ingenuity began. This is the tale of Permascand, a Swedish company that has been at the forefront of technological advancements, setting new standards in the fields of electrochemistry and materials engineering.

A partnership driven by innovation and collaboration

In 1971, a groundbreaking partnership was established in Ljungaverk, Sweden, marking the birth of Permascand AB. This momentous occasion was the culmination of a series of events that began with an intriguing announcement made on July 15, 1968. ORONZIO DE NORA S.A.S of Milano, Italy, and DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORPORATION of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, jointly declared a revolutionary invention—a “dimensionally stable” electrode—that could potentially replace the conventional graphite and magnetite anodes used in chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate plants.

The announcement stated that the commercial chlorine cells utilizing electrodes had been operating successfully and quickly grabbed the attention of Anders Schwanbom, the General Manager at Fosfatbolaget in Sweden. Intrigued by the promising advantages of these electrodes, such as reduced voltage, higher current efficiency, and improved product quality, Schwanbom initiated contact with Professor Oronzio De Nora and his colleagues to explore the possibility of introducing these cutting-edge electrodes into Fosfatbolaget’s chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate plants.


A remarkable journey pioneering advancements in electrochemistry

What began as initial discussions transformed into a mutually beneficial dialogue. Professor Vittorio de Nora also joined the conversations, expanding the scope of possibilities. The talks centered around the prospect of establishing a manufacturing plant in Sweden that could supply dimensionally stable electrodes to the Nordic region. Various alternatives were carefully considered, and after thoughtful deliberation, the picturesque town of Ljungaverk was selected as the optimal location for the manufacturing plant in the autumn of 1969.

With the groundwork laid and a shared vision, the stage was set for the momentous creation of Permascand AB in 1971. This new venture would operate as a 50:50 joint venture between KemaNord AB (formerly Fosfatbolaget AB) and PERMELEC S.p.A. It would become a pioneering force in manufacturing and supplying dimensionally stable electrodes for the chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate plants throughout the Nordic region.

Under the guidance and expertise of Anders Schwanbom, along with the invaluable contributions of Professor Oronzio De Nora and Professor Vittorio de Nora, Permascand AB embarked on a journey to revolutionize the industry. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Permascand quickly gained recognition as a leading provider of dimensionally stable electrodes.

The establishment of Permascand in Ljungaverk not only marked a significant milestone in the realm of electrochemistry but also opened new avenues of growth and collaboration.


The first breakthroughs and expanding horizons

Permascand wasted no time in making its mark on the global stage. By leveraging cutting-edge research and development, the company swiftly became a pioneer in the field of electrochemistry. Their early breakthroughs included the development of advanced anodes, cathodes, and catalysts that greatly enhanced the efficiency and performance of electrochemical processes.

With a growing reputation for excellence, Permascand expanded its operations and product offerings. The company diversified into various industries, including the chemical, environmental, and energy sectors. Their innovative solutions found applications in electrolysis, water treatment, metal refining, and many other areas where electrochemical processes played a crucial role.

We offer catalytic coating, manufacturing and refurbishment services for a variety of electrochemical processes.

Global recognition and a commitment to sustainability

Over the years, Permascand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation earned them international acclaim. Their products gained recognition for their exceptional quality, reliability, and advanced functionality. Collaborations with leading companies worldwide further solidified Permascand’s position as a trusted partner in the electrochemical industry.

As concerns about environmental sustainability rose, Permascand aligned its goals with the global shift towards green technologies. The company focused on developing eco-friendly solutions that minimized environmental impact while maintaining superior performance. They played a pivotal role in enabling the transition to cleaner energy sources and sustainable industrial practices.


A legacy of success

Today, Permascand stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Our steadfast dedication to technological advancement has shaped the course of the electrochemical industry. With a rich history of accomplishments, we continue to lead the way in developing sustainable solutions that drive progress and promote a greener future.

From our humble beginnings in 1971, Permascand has grown into a globally renowned company, synonymous with innovation and excellence. Through our pioneering advancements in electrochemistry and materials engineering, we have contributed significantly to the fields of science, industry, and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, our remarkable journey continues, striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Through visionary partnerships and a commitment to excellence, Permascand’s story stands as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and perseverance in shaping the world of electrochemistry.