Water Treatment Systems
Technologies and services for electrochemical disinfection of water
We offer extensive design, manufacturing, and commissioning experience for comprehensive electrochlorination systems for a wide variety of ranges and applications.
There are several methods to disinfect water based upon use of chlorine, UV or other chemicals. We have focused our knowledge, experience and development on the safest method to disinfect water, which is by using an electrochemical system.

Electrochlorination is the process of generating sodium hypochlorite using only seawater and electricity. The salt from the seawater is electrochemically converted to sodium hypochlorite in an undivided electrolytic cell unit by passing direct current. This provides an effective method for water disinfection and ensure both safe transportation and handling.

Permascand WTS PermaChlor® sodium hypochlorite generation cells and systems are cost effective, reliable and have been designed for an easy operation with an optimum production of sodium hypochlorite.

Our team starts by assessing the site conditions to develop a customized solution and select the optimum electrolyzer geometry. Permascand also supplies new electrolyzers, replacements units and spare parts.


Grand opening for major investment on water treatment systems
Get ready for a new assembly line, state-of-the-art workshop and multifunctional production of electrochemical cells for water treatment.
Oil & Gas, Marine and Desalination
Scalable electrochlorination systems and replacement/refurbishment services for Oil & Gas, Marine and Desalination markets.
PEC (Plate Electrode Concept)
Maximum efficiency and production with the minimum capital cost and space footprint. Each PermaChlor® electrolyzer cell consists of a number of passes of parallel plate anode cathode pairs intermeshed to provide sufficient electrolysis for the volume and strength of product solution required. The cells can be grouped in a vertical or horizontal arrangement depending upon the end user specifications.
TEC (Tubular Electrode Concept)
Our technology provides the advantage of self-cleaning electrodes and ease of cell assembly. Seawater flows through the annulus with high-velocity and turbulence at the electrode surfaces to effectively inhibit calcareous deposit formation. The self cleaning feature makes the PermaClor® TEC the ideal choice for offshore installations without the need for acid storage, handling, and disposal.
Ballast Water Treatment
Our PermaChlor® electrochlorination technology is an important part of our IMO-certified ballast water treatment systems. Very efficient and suitable for vessels that need large capacities.
Buffer system
PermaClor® Buffer System is the chlorinator best suited when the hypochlorite requirement is more varied. Production volume is easy to regulate and our systems stores no unnecessary hypochlorite, only the amount required by the facility for the upcoming day. Suitable for facilities with numerous water systems.