World class research & development

Permascand conducts continuous research and development, and innovation projects to ensure that we continue to meet evolving customer demands.
Our R&D technicians combine top-flight academic qualifications with comprehensive practical knowledge of our markets and their needs. Staff also benefit from, and contribute to, an extensive network of leading research institutes and universities. Permascand’s R&D activities include product development, customization & design, and student interaction.


Pushing for perfection

Permascand continually strives to maintain and extend its lead in the development of catalytic coatings, electrodes and electrochemical cells.
At our state-of-the-art facility in Ljungaverk, central Sweden, our teams of skilled technicians constantly work to improve our knowledge of the properties – and thereby the capacities – of coatings and electrochemical technologies.


Precision engineering for your precise needs

Permascand deliver customized solutions, from clever designs and precision engineering. We handle the process from the definition of the problem to the drawing board and the finished product.
Do you have a process or product that you want to develop or improve? We welcome working on customized solutions, particularly in the context of close co-operation with customers and partners.

Permascand has a strong track record in customization, with experience developed over many years. Our customized solutions meet highly specific customer requirements that support operational performance and sustainability targets. Time and again we see how our know-how and extensive experience combine with specific customer requirements to deliver successful concepts and smart technologies.

In customization projects, our engineers and equipment technicians typically formulate a methodological approach driven by close co-operation with customers and suppliers. Naturally, testing and commissioning are key elements of all our customization projects.