High-performing electrodes, mixed metal oxide anodes and cathodes.

Permascand’s high-performing electrode, mixed metal oxide anode and cathode, offer the reliability and efficiency you need. Permascand manufactures electrodes with catalytic coating in titanium, nickel or steel. All major OEM Electrochemical technologies are covered in our offer.

Permascand DSA is the trademark of Permascand electrodes with catalytic coating. Over 50 years’ of manufacturing and application expertise is the fundament for continuous delivery of quality and highly performing dimensionally stable anodes as well as corresponding activated nickel cathodes.

Electrodes and mixed metal oxide anodes & cathodes

We are dedicated to the green transition and developing electrochemical cells. Let’s find out what we can achieve together.

High-Performing Electrodes for Multiple Applications

Permascand’s offer includes high-performing electrodes that excel across a range of critical applications. Our cutting-edge electrodes are designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency, making them the ideal choice for a variety of industries and processes. More than that we offer catalytic coatings, electrochemical cells and aftermarket services – precision engineered to your specific needs.

HVDC Grounding and Underwater HVDC Transmission

Unparalleled reliability and connectivity with our electrodes designed specifically for HVDC grounding and underwater HVDC transmission systems. With our electrodes, you can ensure efficient and stable power transmission over long distances, enabling seamless energy flow and enhanced grid performance.


Hydrogen Generation through Alkaline Water Electrolysis

Pioneering Clean Energy your hydrogen supply chain and production with our electrodes optimized for alkaline water electrolysis. By harnessing renewable energy sources our electrodes facilitate the generation of green hydrogen. Experience high efficiency, precise control, and consistent performance in producing high-purity hydrogen without harmful emissions.


Precious Metals Recovery and Refining and Lithium Extraction

Maximizing Resource Efficiency is important. We can help recover and refine precious metals with utmost efficiency using our advanced electrodes. With their superior catalytic properties and durability, our electrodes enable precise and effective recovery and refining processes, optimizing resource utilization. Additionally, our electrodes excel in lithium extraction, ensuring maximum extraction yields and contributing to the growing demand for sustainable energy storage solutions.


Energy-Saving Solutions for Chlor-Alkali Industry

Redefine efficiency for your operations and save energy in the chlor-alkali, chlorine and caustic soda, industry and processes with our energy-saving electrochemical solutions. Our high-performing electrodes, anodes and cathodes, deliver superior efficiency and longevity, reducing energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance. Experience enhanced productivity, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability in your operations.


Manufacturing and recoating: Excellence in sodium chlorate electrolyzers ­

Permascand is a leading supplier specializing in the manufacture, refurbishment, and recoating of electrolyzers for the sodium chlorate industry delivering customized solutions world­wide for more than 50 years. Our dedicated team of electrochemical experts, engineers, and technicians have the know-how and experience to help you to maximize the asset utilization of the electrolyzers – the most critical part of your chlorate plant.



Permascand has been a leading supplier of dimensionally stable anodes for electrowinning, purify and extract metals, since the beginning of the 1970s. We manufacture electrodes, coated anodes, that are a key component in the electrowinning of metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt and zinc.


Versatile Electrode for Diverse Applications

Our electrodes are versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide range of industries and processes. Whether you require electrodes for chemical manufacturing, electroplating, water treatment, or other specialized applications, our high-performing electrodes, mixed metal oxide anodes and cathodes, offer the reliability and efficiency you need.


High-Performing, Mixed Metal Oxide Anode, Cathode and Electrode

Permascand is a leading supplier specializing in the manufacture, refurbishment, and recoating of electrolysers. We offer high-performing electrodes and electrochemical cells with superior performance across multiple applications. With our advanced technology, design, and commitment to sustainability, we provide the innovative solutions that set up your operations for success.


Electrodes and mixed metal oxide anodes & cathodes

Catalytic coating, electrode, and electrochemical cells to coating and aftermarket services.


Value for our customers:
  • Manufacturing a wide variety of electrodes.
  • Deep knowledge in most major electrochemical technologies.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Products that contribute to high-efficiency extraction of metals.
  • Electrochemical cells serve industrial process applications all over the world.
  • Tailor-made solutions for optimal levels of safety and opera­tional efficiency.
  • Superior support and service for operators.
Featuring technologies for maximum coating performance, service life, efficiency and quality, such as:
  • DCS Control
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • lncreased Coating Capacity
  • Offline Electrode Loading Bay
  • Chlor-alkali membrane cells
  • Optimized anode and cathode catalytic coatings
  • Titanium flange coating
DSA Permascand®

Our high-performing Dimensionally Stable Anodes. DSA Permascand® is the trademark of Permascand electrodes with a mixed metal oxide (MMO) catalytic coating.