Hydrogen producing electrodes contributing to the green transition
– a master thesis about Nickel electrodes at Permascand

Renewable fuels and the transition towards renewable energy is in focus today to improve carbon footprint and get to a more sustainable society.

Hydrogen gas produced through water electrolysis is a clear enabler to make the transition possible.

Marcus Haeggström, a student at the Mid University in Sundsvall just completed his MSc in Chemical engineering studies by doing his master thesis project at Permascand.

 “My thesis, explains Marcus, is about how different types of pre-treatment methods used at Permascand affect the wetting of nickel surfaces. The pre-treatment methods that were mainly studied were blasting, etching, pre-oxidation and different combinations of the different methods.”

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“Doing the master thesis project at Permascand was both enjoyable and educational. The atmosphere among the staff was very good and I was well taken care of during my visits”, continues Marcus.

Marcus is an athletic man in his mid-twenties who spends a lot of time training for the Ironman in Hawaii. Joggling the time between studies he is aiming for Hawaii at the same time he hopes his work will contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable society.