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ABG Sundal Collier AB ("ABG"), in its capacity as Joint Global Coordinator, notifies that stabilisation measures have been undertaken in Permascand Top Holding AB:s (publ) (“Permascand” or the “Company”) shares traded...
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Permascand, a technology-driven manufacturer of world-leading electrochemical solutions, today presents an extensive innovation initiative to develop the hydrogen technology of the future. Through the construction of a full-scaled technology and innovation...
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Permascand, an independent technology-driven manufacturer of world-leading electrochemical solutions, strengthens its position within hydrogen production by partnering in the development of the Swedish Hydrogen Center, a new knowledge center for electrolysis...
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Permascand has increased its manufacturing capacity through the installation of an automated production line in its factory in Ljungaverk. The automation is part of the company's strategy to meet the increased demand for the company's products. Electrochemical...
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Permascand strengthens its Board of Directors by appointing the experienced members Per Lindberg and Johan Karlsson as the company is entering a new industrial phase. Per Lindberg, with extensive experience from leading and developing companies in an...
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