Permascand has received an order from a global leader in hydrogen technology for high-efficiency electrodes for advanced alkaline electrolysis. The order value amounts to approximately SEK 17 million and will be included as order intake in the fourth quarter of 2023, within the business segment Electrification & Renewables. Delivery of the order is expected to be evenly distributed over the first three quarters of 2024.

The customer has been a recurring partner for over 20 years and focuses on clean energy technology with a broad spectrum of hydrogen technologies to support the shift to zero emissions.

"I am delighted that we continue to grow our business in alkaline water electrolysis – where our high-efficiency electrodes contribute to a more efficient hydrogen production. Our extensive experience in the field, together with our scalable production capacity, indicates that we are well placed to achieve our ambition to become one of the leading suppliers of high-efficiency electrodes for production of green hydrogen," says Peter Lundström, CEO of Permascand.