Permascand AB (Ljungaverk, Sweden) and NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc (Vancouver, Canada) are pleased to announce a renewal of their decade long partnership which has resulted in the co-development of the NORSCAND® Cells which are the core of the NORSCAND® Electrolysis system. NESI and Permascand have recently agreed to enter into a new supply and development agreement which will enable NESI and Permascand to focus on long-term supply of electrochemical cells into the lithium industry worldwide.

The NORSCAND® Cells are a flexible commercial scale membrane electrolysis system which are ideally suited for salt-splitting membrane electrolysis processes such as lithium chloride electrolysis and lithium sulphate electrolysis to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide. The NORSCAND® technology has found significant application in the growing lithium-ion battery markets as the use of membrane electrolysis enables a more sustainable and efficient process to produce and recover lithium hydroxide for both battery material production and battery recycling. The NORSCAND® Electrolysis technology has been proven with commercial electrodes in extended continuous large scale plant operations for the production of lithium hydroxide from both lithium chloride and lithium sulphate.

“NESI’s long-standing partnership with Permascand has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of our electrolysis technology offerings. We look forward to continuing our partnership and now focusing on full commercialization of the technology.“ said Jeremy Moulson, President and CEO at NESI. "We are proud to renew our decade-long partnership with NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc. Our mission at Permascand is to lead the green technology transition by providing innovative, high-performance electrochemical solutions." says Peter Lundstrom, CEO at Permascand
“The NORSCAND® platform is the most advanced and proven electrochemical technology for producing battery-grade lithium hydroxide. Together with our partners, we will continue to drive innovation and contribute to a more sustainable future in the lithium industry.” adds Nicolas Laroche, Chief Strategy Officer at Permascand

About NESI
NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc. (NESI) is a privately held Vancouver, BC, Canada based electrolysis technology company. NESI focuses on the commercial implementation of lithium electrolysis for a variety of lithium brine feedstocks (sulphate, chloride, or carbonate). NESI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NORAM Industrial Holdings Inc and part of the NORAM Group of Companies. NESI has an extensive electrochemical demo plant located at it’s R&D facility in Vancouver, Canada. For more information please visit: