With the current pandemic, large amounts of disinfectants are needed to prevent the spread of the virus. Permascand’s technology can be very helpful in facilitating this.

“By using our technology, we can produce mobile equipment for the production of a chlorine solution to be used for surface disinfection,” says Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, Permascand’s R&D department began work on modifying existing water purification technology. The electrochemical cells that normally purify a vessel’s ballast water can now also be used to produce disinfectants.

The cells are mobile, and this means that, for example, hospitals and other health care facilities, along with transport hubs, can produce the amount of disinfectant they need on site.

“We are currently looking into the possibility to offer a test equipment to Sundsvall Hospital, which is the hospital closest to our head office in Sweden,” says Lars Nyman, Sales Director for Permascand’s Department of Water Treatment Systems.

The new application area for Permascand’s technology has been highlighted by the Västernorrland County Governor, who has classifed the company as socially beneficial through a Letter of Consideration.

“As a company, we feel a great responsibility to contribute to this global crisis, which will affect us for a long time to come. Since our production at 95 percent goes to export, we have developed logistics solutions to get our technology out to the world,” explains Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand.

Permascand will immediately donate 350 liters of hand sanitizer and a large number of face masks to Sundsvall’s hospital and the municipality of Ånge.

“We have excess hand sanitizer and the face masks have been sent to us through a business partner in China,” explains Viktoria Lindstrand, Global Marketing Director. “It feels good that we can somehow contribute to a situation that affects us all.”