Permascand signs Letter of Intent with a leading green hydrogen technology provider

Permascand has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a leading green hydrogen technology provider and system integrator concerning the manufacturing of high-performance electrodes for advanced alkaline electrolysis, strengthening the company’s existing pipeline of green hydrogen projects.

The LOI is an important step in developing long-term cooperation aiming to achieve the ambitions of our partner globally by providing a reduction of the levelized cost of hydrogen through product durability, price performance, and circularity. The first project deployment is planned before the end of 2025.

“Permascand is a pioneer in advanced alkaline water electrolysis, with more than 20 years of experience in commercial supply of top-performing electrodes. This LOI marks an important milestone, and we are looking forward to a long-term cooperation to support our partner’s global ambitions in providing green hydrogen technology”, said Peter Lundström, CEO of Permascand.

“There is a global shift towards advanced alkaline electrolysis, and we are continuously pushing the boundaries in our value chain and product portfolio, striving for the levelized cost of green hydrogen to reach customer’s ambition”, said Nicolas Laroche, Chief Strategy Officer of Permascand.

Permascand is now an active partner in over 24 projects for the supply of high-performance electrodes used in advanced alkaline electrolysis technology to reduce the levelized cost of green hydrogen.

Permascand receives two orders totaling 130 MSEK from one of the world’s largest commodity trading companies

Permascand has received two orders from one of the world's largest commodity trading companies regarding aftermarket services in electrowinning, within the Electrification & Renewables segment. The order value totals approximately SEK 130 million and will be included as order intake in the third quarter of 2023. The orders are expected to be delivered in 2024.

"These orders are further proof that our customer-centric focus is bearing fruit. It is gratifying to continue this well-established cooperation in our growth segment Electrification & Renewables where our mission-critical solutions enable the extraction of metals central to the green energy transition and make the process more sustainable", says Peter Lundström, CEO of Permascand.

The business partnership is well established, and Permascand has historically delivered aftermarket services to the customer's facilities. The customer is one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 60 commodities that advance everyday life.

Permascand joins Hydrogen Europe

Permascand enters a strategic membership in Hydrogen Europe, a leading organisation in the world of hydrogen. Joining the organisation will enhance Permascand’s presence in the European green hydrogen ecosystem and support the company’s strategy to enter new partnerships, collaborations, and business agreements.

Hydrogen Europe represents European-based companies and stakeholders committed to moving towards a more circular and sustainable economy. The organization serves the interest of the hydrogen industry with the vision to propel global carbon neutrality by accelerating the European hydrogen industry.

“We are looking forward to being part of Hydrogen Europe and contributing to the hydrogen supply chain and to scaling up the green hydrogen business. This is an essential precondition for carbon neutrality, crucial to reducing the amount of pollution and limiting the process of global warming. By jointly addressing key technological and legislative issues we can make a greater impact”, said Permascand CEO Peter Lundström.

For more information about Hydrogen Europe, visit:

Invitation to presentation of Permascand’s Q2 2023 interim report

Permascand will publish its Q2 2023 interim report on 16 August 2023 at 07:45 CEST. In connection with this, Permascand invites investors, analysts and media to a conference call and webcast on the same day at 10:30 CEST.

The presentation will be held by CEO Peter Lundström and CFO Linda Ekman in English and will conclude with a Q&A session. Questions can be asked on the conference call or in written form through the webcast.

Date and time
16 August 2023 at 10:30 CEST


To participate via teleconference, please register via the link below. After registration, you will be provided with telephone numbers and a conference ID to access the conference. You can ask questions verbally via the telephone conference.

After the presentation, a recording of the webcast will be available on the webcast link and on the company’s website

Permascand strengthens its presence in North America by signing a collaboration and supply agreement with Chemetry and investing as growth partner

Permascand has signed a collaboration and supply agreement with Chemetry, a company focused on developing lower energy technologies in the chemical space, based in Moss Landing, California. As part of the agreement, Permascand has acquired shares in Chemetry. The agreement is in line with Permascand’s strategy to further grow its Industrial Solutions segment in the North American market through technological and business development partnerships.

The collaboration and supply agreement, and the investment, are the next steps following the successful collaboration between Permascand and Chemetry concerning the commercialization of electrochemical cells for Chemetry's eShuttle® EDC technology. The eShuttle® platform combines electrochemistry and catalysis to enable more sustainable process technologies for commodity chemicals.

“Through this collaboration and supply agreement, and the related investment in Chemetry, Permascand takes the next step in our strategic plan to strengthen our presence on the North American market. We believe this is making us more competitive in gaining market shares by winning new projects and related aftermarkets services going forward. Additionally, it enables us to use our expertise to support the development of new state of the art technology for the electrochemical markets, which will support our customers to lower their energy consumption and meet future environmental requirements”, said Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand.

”The strategic collaboration with Permascand adds an important partner to Chemetry’s team and is the next step for Chemetry in the commercialization of the first application of the eShuttle® platform for production of ethylene dichloride (EDC), an essential chemical in the manufacturing of PVC plastic. This collaboration positions us to supply our electrolysis technology to the industry and to provide technology support and expertise in all aspects of our business, said Ron Birkhoff, CEO at Chemetry.

The consideration of the acquired Chemetry shares amount to approximately SEK 10,2 million.

About Chemetry
Chemetry is a chemical technology company, based in California, that focuses on developing innovative and sustainable processes for the production of essential chemicals. Chemetry’s proprietary technology platform, called eShuttle®, offers several advantages over traditional production routes, including lower energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and lower cost of production. For more information, visit