Water Treatment Systems


Electrochlorination Systems for:

– Ballast Water

– Cooling Water

– Process Water

– Aqua Parks & Pools

Permascand WTS sodium hypochlorite generation systems are cost effective, reliable and have been designed for an easy operation with an optimum production of sodium hypochlorite. The WTS systems generates sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution with the use of three common consumables: salt, water and electricity.
Our systems has ranges from 50g up to 6Kg per hour depending on product family.
There are several methods to disinfect water. These methods are based upon use of chlorine, UV or other chemicals, we have focused our knowledge, experience and development on the safest method to disinfect water, which is by using an electrochemical system. This will ensure not only safe transportation and handling but it also provides an effective method for water disinfection.
The technology is a simple and reliable technique that we basically learn about already in high school;

Sodium chloride + water + electricity (DC) = Hypochlorite

Sodium chloride salt is added to ordinary tap water and led through a cell house containing electrodes made by titanium. Every electrode is coated with a hard and resistant Permascand catalytic coating. The process produces hypochlorite which is the active disinfectant. This is a clean and safe process because you never have to deal with any actual chlorine.
Our systems can be used from Aqua parks and Swimming pools to Water makers and we are also in the process of certification towards the Marine and Oil&Gas sectors.