Welcome Westlake Chemical!

I’m Terry Powell, Chemical Engineer and Sales Manager at Permascand. I’d like the opportunity to talk to you about how our precision-engineered electrochemical solutions can benefit Westlake Chemical. Because it’s better tailor-made. 

Send me your email address and I will get in touch.

Let’s meet in Dallas

I’m going to be at the Chlorine Institute Annual Meeting in Dallas, on March 20-23 2023. Come over to our Permascand booth and say hello! You’ll recognize me by my blue suit. And also, the beard. 

Best regards,
Terry Powell

Permascand has been in service of the electrochemical industry for over half a century. Our core product platform includes catalytic coatings, electrodes, electrochemical cells and aftermarket services – all tailor-made to your specific needs.

Customer Value in products

Cost-efficient refurbishments

Refurbishment is a process that is specific to different technologies but broadly involves recycling as much of your material as possible. This reduces operational costs and promotes sustainable operations. 

Electrification & Renewables

Industrial solutions

Water treatment

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50 years of developing electrochemistry. Here is our story - and our future.