Permascand is strengthening its hydrogen business by appointing a Global Business Development Manager to the Green Hydrogen sector. Nicolas Laroche, with extensive experience in electrochemical technologies, business growth and renewable energy sector, will lead the growth of this emerging sector.

Nicolas Laroche is an electrochemical engineer and has followed the hydrogen sector for more than 10 years. As co-inventor of an electrochemical process, he managed an innovation portfolio and team with a successful technology demonstration at scale. Nicolas was involved in business growth and intelligence, engineering phases, demonstration plant operation strategy and technology transfer from concept to industrial scale plant engineering.

Permascand announced earlier this year its plan to invest around SEK 300 million over the next three years for the implementation of a full-scaled technology center. Global demand for green hydrogen is growing exponentially, driven by the necessity to decarbonize our society through renewable energy. Green hydrogen will play a significant role in the energy system of the future in energy storage, as industry feedstock, in grid balancing, and as fuel for vehicles. Today’s production technology needs to be developed and streamlined in order for green hydrogen to become a competitive and meaningful energy carrier, as well as to meet the high expectations in the industry and the transportation sector.

”I am proud to join the experienced team of Permascand in this journey toward the growth of our company in response to the demand for green hydrogen. Building on 50 years of experience and reputation, Permascand has the foundations to succeed, and the agility to grow. This is a marathon however, which requires strategic investments and partnerships, and a strong vision and capacity of innovation to scale our capacity to produce the best products for our clients.said Nicolas Laroche, Global Business Development Manager – Hydrogen at Permascand.