Permascand, an independent technology-driven manufacturer of world-leading electrochemical solutions, strengthens its position within hydrogen production by partnering in the development of the Swedish Hydrogen Center, a new knowledge center for electrolysis and renewable hydrogen.

Swedish Hydrogen Center will function as a test bed for evaluation and testing of clean tech components and applications. Sweden’s climate goal is to achieve a completely fossil-free power generation by 2040, and a fossil-independent vehicle fleet in use by 2030. Electrolysis and renewable hydrogen will play a crucial role in the transition to a climate-neutral society through emission-free transports and industrial processes, as well as energy storage. As a partner in the Swedish Hydrogen Center, Permascand will be able to further develop its technology to secure its position as one of the leading players in the field of renewable hydrogen.

“The global interest in electrolysis and renewable hydrogen is growing exponentially driven by electrification and increased demand for green energy. The Swedish Hydrogen Center will give us the opportunity to be part of first-class research and development in clean tech applications. This makes Permascand even better positioned to meet the great commercial potential in this segment,” said Peter Lundström, CEO of Permascand. 

The project is run by RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and the industrial research institute Swerim with project funding from Vinnova. Industrial partners such as Boliden, Sandvik and Siemens are also participating in the project. The hydrogen infrastructure will be established at Swerim’s facility in Luleå, Sweden and the full testbed platform is expected to be put into operation in the autumn of 2022.

Read more about the Swedish Hydrogen Center here.


For more information, please contact:
Peter Lundström, CEO
+46 73 028 14 76