The market for electrochemical process technology is currently undergoing a transition driven by the green technology transition and increased robotization- and automation. In order to remain relevant in key markets and strengthening its competitiveness, Permascand today announced a thorough review of its workforce size in Ljungaverk.

“We see an increased demand from our customers and are now investing heavily in our core electrochemical technology platform and associated robotization- and automation solutions and specialist personnel. Our new production platform will allow Permascand increased flexibility in terms of volume and lead time, as well as the ability to meet the requirements from our customers and thereby ensuring that the company is continually relevant in today’s competitive market. Therefore, we continue to invest in activities that develop our capabilities further from more traditional manual processing.” says Peter Lundström, CEO Permascand.

The review will commence immediately and will involve the union and other key stakeholders.


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Peter Lundström, CEO Permascand,