Permascand’s business in the field of water purification technology continues to grow. In September 2019, Permascand proudly won the largest order in its history, valued at more than 223 million SEK (Swedish Kronor).

“It’s great fun that our investments are so timely,” says Peter Lundström, CEO. “Especially as the purpose of ballast water purification has a clear environmental focus by preventing organisms from spreading from their natural propagation areas and therefore threatening the biodiversity of the oceans.

“We see this as an important step on the road towards the green change that the world is embracing. Permascand’s vision is to become the number one global independent provider of electrochemical solutions for green technologies.”

In line with that, Permascand’s electrowinning technology is one of the foundations for efficient copper and nickel extraction, a method that reduces our customers’ energy consumption by 10%. Additionally, the company has recently launched a new brand, Norscand®, an electrochemical cell used in the extraction of lithium – an important component of batteries for electric cars, amongst other things. As pioneers of DSA technology, Permascand has also enabled customers to replace lead and graphite with titanium anodes.

“We calculated how much of the world’s energy consumption has decreased thanks to our electrochemical coatings,” explains Peter Lundström. “Since 1971, it corresponds to Sweden’s total electricity consumption for one year.”

At the end of September, Permascand also passed its previous year’s sales record with a total of 323 million SEK in sales.

“We have prepared for large volumes of production and continue to grow by 50% annually,” explains Peter Lundström. “Now we are approaching a turnover of half a billion.”

In the production units in Ljungaverk, large investments have been made based on modern technology and functionality. Continued development of the business involves, among other things, competence development, optimization of processes to reduce emissions and material consumption.

“For every day that we bill, we now set sales records,” says Peter Lundström.