Technology company Permascand will introduce a new role in technology and market development, titled as “Chief Technology Officer”, to be filled by the current CEO and partner Fredrik Herlitz on June 1st. At the same time, the company’s current CFO and shareholder Peter Lundström takes over the CEO role. The purpose of the rotation is to further increase growth and strengthen the company’s international competitiveness.

Under Fredrik Herlitz’s 7,5 years Permascand has successfully completed a series of major investments and changes in order to meet the market’s increased demands for quality and specialist competences within Permascand’s business areas of Electrochemical Process Engineering and Water Treatment Systems. Fredrik Herlitz will take on the new role of CTO in the company as of the 1st June.

“We need to continue to create growth as well as develop new technologies and our customer base. There continues to be a strong need to focus on streamlining the supply chain. I have my greatest interest and my strongest skills in technology, commercialization and market development. Therefore, I have requested from the Board that I be allowed to take on a more operational and supportive role in these areas in the future, becoming the Chief Technology Officer feels stimulating”, says Fredrik Herlitz.

The new CEO is to be Peter Lundström who has been CFO at Permascand in the past year. Peter also has a long experience from international companies in the technology sector.

“We have a strong platform with competent employees and recognized technology, but need to better take advantage of our opportunities and ensure long-term competitiveness. I look forward to taking on the role of CEO and continuing the work for our long term success. Now there is a basic strategy in Permascand which means that we will fully focus on our core competence in electrochemical coatings, electrodes and cells”, says Peter Lundström.


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