Permascand Expanding in North America

As part of our strategic international growth, Permascand AB of Sweden is very excited to announce the establishment of our Canadian subsidiary company, Permascand Canada Limited, to better serve our customers in the chloralkali, sodium chlorate, and water treatment industries in North America.

Our new Sales & Customer Support Office is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver at 1500 West Georgia Street, near the entrance to Stanley Park. Our office is staffed by Santokh Baht, Director, NA Operations and Phil Benson, Project Manager, Electrochemical Systems. Santokh has more than 25 years experience in sales, business development, project management, and support of chloralkali, sodium chlorate, chlorine dioxide, and electrochlorination plants worldwide, including design and manufacture of electrolyzers and anode coatings. Phil comes to us with over 20 years experience with chloralkali and chlorine dioxide project engineering and management including chlorate cell manufacture, supply of membrane-based sulphate removal systems, and fabrication of exotic metals.

Fredrik Herlitz, CEO Permascand AB states “North America is of strategic importance for us and we are proud to bring over 45 years of technology experience, and know-how in anode coating, cell manufacture, cell refurbishment, and fabrication of specialty titanium products to serve our valued customers with the full support of our technical specialists and world-class manufacturing facilities in Ljungaverk, Sweden.

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