Oil & Gas / Marine

AUqualityPermascand manufactures products and equipment for offshore, process and marine industries.

We offer a high degree of know-how in design, laser processing, forming, welding and surface treatment in titanium as well as in other high grade materials.

  • Our services include:
    – Detailed design and engineering
    – Fabrication
    – Specialist competence in cutting and welding
  • These are examples of our fabrication:
    – Subsea process equipment
    – Seismic equipment
    – Piping system where seawater is used for cooling
    – Pressure vessels and piping in aggressive atmospheres
    – Exhaust ducting for ships and gas turbines
    – Piping systems for engine cooling, fire extinguishing etc
    – Fire fighting equipment
    – Vehicle frames and vessels for depths down to 3 000 meter