With decades of solutions for extreme conditions

Permascand Fabricated Equipment With 45 years of experience in titanium characteristics and products Permascand meets the highest demands for material strength, weight and resistance. We have developed a very high level of know-how, and apply our expertise to serve customers in the Oil & Gas/Marine Industries around the globe.

Starting from a problem or a need, we design customized solutions based on structural analysis. Permascand has the resources needed for complete project management, from research, development and planning to prototype evaluation and manufacturing.

Permascand possesses invaluable knowledge about the material, its potential and its areas of application.

Permascand AB has a long term background in the marine sector delivering products relating to exhaust gas systems for marine diesel engines and gas turbines helping meet the requirements for a cleaner environment. We support many customers with manufacturing, design and engineering, problem solving and innovation.

Permascand also provides products for water treatment, such as process, drinking water and ballast water cells for seawater electrochlorination, Furthermore we deliver heat exchangers, spools and other customer specific products in titanium and other high alloys materials.