Electrochemical Process Technology

Permascand is one of the leading producers of electrodes and electrochemical equipment, serving process industries worldwide.

On account of the stringent requirements in this field for material strength, weight and resistance, Permascand has developed high level of know how in the forming and welding of titanium, as well as the design and construction of customized products in titanium and other materials.

This manufacturing know-how in titanium equipment serves the electrochemical industry as well as the offshore and marine industries in Scandinavia, Europe and worldwide.

The range of services include:

  • Production of electrodes with catalytic coatings
  • Refurbishment of electrodes and electrochemical cells
  • Manufacturing of electrodes and electrochemical cells for chlorate and chloralkali cells
  • Design, construction and production of lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant products for various markets
  • Research, development and innovation