Key Projects

Anod_article_tcm124-38027Electrolysers, Water electrolysis, Electrowinning & Catalytic coatings

Permascand offers various types of catalytic coating exemplified by:

  • Sodium Chlorate Cell Anode Coating
  • Chlor-Alkali applications
    – Membrane Cell Anode and Cathode Coatings
    – Mercury Cell Anode Coatings
    – Diaphragm Cell Anode Coatings
  • Special Electrodes
    – Electrowinning
    – Water & Metal Management
    – Water Electrolysis
    – Corrosion Protection

Manufacture of Dimensionally Stable Anodes

We have the capability and know-how to manufacture any cell design or tailor-made electrode out of titanium, nickel and steel.

Catalytic Coating

Permascand has one of the most modern electrode coating plants, with the capacity to accommodate most structures and electrodes sized up to 3m².

Refurbishment & Repair

We have the capability and know-how to refurbish and repair old titanium and nickel electrodes of any shape. For a number of cell technologies in the field of chlorate and chlor-alkali production, refurbishment of cells is also offered.

Technical Services

Our experienced staff provides technical assistance and support to the Sodium Chlorate & Chlor-Alkali Industry. We have specialists in corrosion, brine impurities, process optimization and related matters.