Customized Solutions

Catalytic coating & Cell manufacturing

EScustomizedPermascand deliver customized solutions, from clever designs and precision engineering. We handle the process from the definition of the problem to the drawing board and the finished product.

Permascand offers various types of catalytic coating suited to a host of applications:

Sodium Chlorate Cell Anode Coatings

Chlor-Alkali applications

  • Membrane Cell Anode and Cathode Coatings
  • Diaphragm Cell Anode Coatings
  • Mercury Cell Anode Coatings

Special Electrodes

  • Electrowinning
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Electrolysis
  • Corrosion Protection

Pipes & pressure vessels
There are areas where corrosion can easily occur and where it absolutely must not occur. There are areas where demands on equipment are extreme, for example in strength, weight, resistance to corrosion etc. The chemical and nuclear industries are perfect examples of this.

We supply titanium pipes and pressure vessels to these industries and to others with extremely rigorous demands on operating reliability.