Permascand acquires water treatment technology

Engineering company Permascand acquires SaltClean’s technology for water treatment. The transaction is a strategic technology acquisition consistent with Permascand’s focus on international growth within the water treatment business segment.

The acquisition of SaltClean’s technology makes Permascand a significant system supplier within water treatment. Permascand now plans to further develop the technology and broaden the existing Scandinavian distributor network to cover more export markets where there is high demand for water treatment systems. Production and stocks will be located at Permascand in Ljungaverk, Sweden.

“I see this as a highly successful business development where we have expanded our organisation’s business operations at the same time as securing parts of SaltClean’s leading competence in this area. The acquisition means that we can now start to further develop these technologies for the marine and offshore sectors”, says Lars Nyman, Business Development Manager at Permascand AB.

The technology using electrolytic chlorination developed by SaltClean is used in municipal water treatment plants and for cleaning the water in swimming pools and water parks using an electrochemical reaction which produces hypochlorite, thus ensuring a clean, safe and easy-to-handle process.

“Strategically complementing Permascand’s portfolio with SaltClean’s technology is one of a number of efforts we are making to grow within our water treatment business area,” says Fredrik Herlitz, Managing Director of Permascand AB.

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Fredrik Herlitz, Managing Director, Permascand AB
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Lars Nyman, Business Development Manager, Permascand AB
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